As he likes to be called, Chichi Reyes is a Dominican Republic artist, Born in Santo Domingo in 1973, Chichi made his artistic training in the Altos de Chavón art school, architecture studies at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo and publicity at the Catholic University of Santo Domingo.  With a significant pictorial and a very personal style of shaping his imagination, Reyes is one of the most recognized contemporary artists of his generation, exhibiting his works in Europe, USA, Latin America and the Caribbean.


Familiar figures, geometric lines, energetic colors and a very personal abstract style, are the tools that give Chichi Reyes the key to illustrate the human condition, enhancing the subject in order to open new scopes of reality. Because his paintings aspire to work as a window to another perspective of life, his shapes emphasize the unity of the source of thoughts, allowing the viewer to apprehend with him the Origins.